Sponsors/Capital Campaign/Volunteer

Three ways to assist the Memorial Sports Center

  • Banner sponsorship in the Facility      Banner List
  • Contribution to Capital Campaign       MSC addition brochure
  • Become a Sports Center Volunteer    Pledge Card

We could not provide the community the services we do with out the generous support from our sponsors. It is these individuals, corporations and service groups that provide us the opportunity to support the community with a facility built by the community for the community. These groups with their huge number of volunteers are true role models for our youth and deserve a special thanks.

Banner Sponsorships are necessary to provide annual revenue that keeps our rental rates affordable. All revenue to date and for the next 20 years will go towards improvement loans for the building, resulting in lower rental rates. For an annual fee, companies or groups get a banner advertising for their generosity.  Next time you are at the facility take a look in the rafters for the Banner Sponsors and be sure to shop there when the need arises.

Click Here for a list of Banner Sponsors.

For information on how to become a sponsor Call or Email

Don Keeler 802 377 5299 : dkeeler5@comcast.net


Skip Brush 802-989-8108 : motown312@hotmail.com

The Capital Campaign is necessary to complete the plan for the facility that was originally envisioned by the Friends of Middlebury Hockey. The 6000 square foot addition will allow us to host events in the winter as well as the summer. The facility is not just for hockey. Winter activities include skating events for youth and adult groups, figure skating, public skating, stick & puck, broom ball, private ice parties, teen ice parties and any fun ice programs we can envision. Summer use will include soccer, lacrosse, baseball, trade shows, flea markets, equipment sales and other activities. Contributions for this project can be pledged over 3 years (or a single contribution) and are fully tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation. You can fill out a pledge card and make checks payable to Friends of Middlebury Hockey, Inc. Next time you are at the Sports Center check out the prior campaign contributors who are memorialized on our plaque. We plan another memorial plaque for this campaign.

Click here for a project flyer.
Click here for a pledge card.

Volunteers are always necessary to help run the Memorial Sports Center and related programs. Olympia Ice Resurfacer drivers, referees, coaches/mentors for all sports, accountants, web site developers, you name it. Get involved. Help build a community. If you would like to volunteer to run the Olympia, please email Mike Turner.