Heat it Up----Season opening

Kick off the 2017-18 season at the Memorial Sports Center with a fun day of 3 v 3 cross-ice hockey to benefit the Expansion Project to finish the second floor

Please join us Sunday October 8th
$175 per team of 5 players- 3 games guaranteed
team sign-ups preferred but we can help you if you wish to participate and need a team!
Middlebury Memorial Sports Center Hockey Enthusiasts of all ages and abilities are welcome!
Email tjhodsonvt@gmail.com for details or with questions

Hello Memorial Sports Center Hockey Players, Coaches, and Enthusiasts;

                On Sunday October 8th please join us in kicking off the 2017-2018 Ice season at the Memorial Sports Center with a day of cross ice “indoor pond hockey” to benefit the Expansion Project that will finish the final phase of renovations to MSC started in 2007. This fun day of hockey for a great cause will consist of 45 minute game blocks, starting at 9 am and continuing throughout the day, in which teams of 5 players total play 3 v 3 cross ice scoring on wooden slot goals.  It is an exciting and fast paced style of play and a great way to meet up with hockey friends and start the season off with some fun!

                Some details include;    

  -Teams of 5 play with three players on the ice at once per team with substitutions "on the fly”

  -Teams will be broken up into at least 2 divisions or more based on ability and age

  -The tournament will be a Round Robin format with each team playing three games.The winner of each division will be the team with the best record. Tiebreaker games will be played if needed

  -Each game will consist of two 15 minute running time periods with a 5 minute halftime and   minutes between games.

 -There will be two games going on at once, each of them being played cross ice from the  blue lines to the end boards

 -Any typical penalty occurrences such as slashing, tripping, hooking, high sticking unnecessary roughness etc will result in a change of puck possession and will be determined by the teams playing using the honor system during play

 -Each game will have a game monitor.  There will be no penalties so the game monitor will simply tally the score and settle any disputes

 -The black bumpers will be up, but the puck going out of play will result in a change of possession from the last team to touch the puck to the opposite team

 -No goaltending

 -No unnecessary body contact

 -The puck must be kept below knee height

 -The beginning of each half will start at center ice with a friendly 3-tap pickup hockey faceoff

 -Minimum required equipment will be helmet, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, stick and skates

 -All teams should be prepared to play each game with light or dark colored jerseys

Please get a team together and come out and play on Sunday October 8th!  Advanced registration is appreciated  Please contact Tim Hodson at tjhodsonvt@gmail.com with any questions or concerns